Worth the Effort
Worth the Effort
Worth the Effort

Worth the Effort

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Artist: Diana Willson
Dimensions: 11.5x16
# of Pieces: 209

"Worth the Effort was based on a series of photos that a friend took of a horse munching grass though a hole chewed in the barn siding.  It amused me to think of all that effort just to reach a few blades of grass.  The challenges on this painting were to make the barn wood look o ld and weathered and to make the horse look realistic. I used a tiny paint brush to paint the horse's hair, sometimes painting one hair at a time."


Worth the Effort
Don Hinkley
The loafin' shed was gettin' old, and she'd been workin' on that board. On the other side that old gray muzzle could detect a luscious hoard. 
Just one small bite of tall dry grass she knew that it was there and if she stretched just a little more the reward would be the mare's.
A soft gray muzzle that every inch of pasture wouldn't spare one blade of grass but would work around the weeds and prickly pear.
So soft that a child's first touch could tell what a horse was about, yet strong and stout as a wrecking tool was this ever-searching snout.
Ma Nature designed this eatin' machine of hay and grass and grain, so that only this ol' pony's gut could judge if the effort was worth the gain.

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