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Artist:  Emily Oradei
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Wanderlust. My life. I've been wandering this Earth since the day I was born. Yearning to see new places; experience a different life. I can feel the adventure in the soles of my shoes. Every day I wake, I hope for something new, dream for something more. I can see the horizon spanning in front of me. Calling me. The mountains growing towards the sky and the rivers winding further. The trees and landscapes changing with the metamorphosis of time. My life. Sheer joy. Wanderlust. 

There is never a non-creative moment in my life. Whether it be in my art studio, my home, or at my desk at my day job. I take every free moment I have to create. Some of my work is large and detailed, others are small doodles. They all play a role in my creative process. I think it's important to see “things” through beginning to end. Doodle to masterpiece.

While studying Fine Art at Northern Michigan University, I spent a lot of time wandering the shores of Lake Superior. This is where my love for painting really began; it's where I found adventure and creating go hand in hand. From a T-Rex and a Chihuahua to jellyfish in the sea, I love painting everything that comes to my mind. Mountains and oceans, rocks and waves, my adventures across the world. If I have dreamt it, imagined it, or have seen it with my own eyes, it will make its way too my paint brush.

What we get from this adventure is sheer joy!


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