Three Little Kittens
Three Little Kittens

Three Little Kittens

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"Three little kittens lost their mittens and they began to cry...."  and so the story goes.  Our puzzle is filled with unique pieces that recreate the story of the Three Little Kittens as your child completes the cover image from the 1930s era game created by Parker Brothers.

"In 2015, Bob Finn purchased the "salesman's catalog" of Parker Brother game prints.  Bob has collected board games since the early 1960's.  Bob has created solid-faced canvas prints of  many of these board game box covers.  These canvas prints can be purchased online at  Bob can be contacted directly at  If you want to know more about old board games and puzzles, visit the Association of Games and Puzzles International (AGPI) at and"

Image provided by Bob Finn
Dimensions: 12"x16"
# of Pieces: 46

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