Butterfly Grace
Butterfly Grace

Butterfly Grace

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Mariah Kaminsky
# of Pieces: 176

"As intelligent beings, we realize that two things cannot be stopped or even slowed down; Time & Change.

Although we know this to be true, we resist it every day.  For some, it's through the act of taking hundreds upon thousands of photographs to capture that which we wish to remain.  For others, it's by written word to contain thoughts and feelings that would be lost if only spoken.  In this way, my work is no exception.  Whether it is a painting of a moment captured in reality or a dream state, they are all an attempt to halt the change that will inevitably come to be so.

I wish to preserve that instance in a tangible manner to make it possible to go back again and again for a visit.  Every piece I create tells a story to me so that I may remember it clearly, brush stroke by brush stroke."


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