Friendship Tea
Friendship Tea
Friendship Tea
Friendship Tea

Friendship Tea

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Piece Count: 190
Size: 5 puzzles in one jar, approximately 6.5x6.5 inches and smaller

(n.) a hug in a cup

Tea is a magical, universal beverage, and throughout history, it is multi-
dimensional. To the rugged mountain men of the American West, they
treasured the warmth and stimulation of the beverage. For the High
Tea Society in England, it was a symbol of sophistication and a
fashionable, eccentric way of telling time, but for many of us, it is a cup
shared between a mother and a child or the cup of tea needed
between friends during certain life events. Tea carries different
associations for different people, but its common denominator is

Serving tea can be as simple as grabbing any cup in your cupboard to
preparing an elegant display of your grandmother’s beautiful China
teacups. Choosing your own tea set is a personal matter of taste. The
JNG Team feels your puzzle choice for our new Tea Puzzles should be a
personal preference as well. Choose your set, the pieces will be lovingly
unique for each set of tea to enchant and delight with each sip – errr

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