Dream Another Dream
Dream Another Dream

Dream Another Dream

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Artist: Barbara Dixon Drewa

Dimensions: 23.5"x11"
# of Pieces: 577


These books symbolize the finer things in life and of a time past.  We now acquire most of our information from the internet, with tech-friendly booklovers reading books electronically.  Too seldom do we hold in our hands a book, the printed page.  Some "electronic readers" are advertised as being lighter than a paperback and can fit into one's pocket.  The "pages" turn faster than the competitor's and it reads like paper with no glare.  You can take your library with you wherever you go.  Will they replace hard cover books? I hope not.  I want to have my books as much as I want to read my books.  In my paintings I concentrate on still life in the trompe l'oeil tradition.  Certain threads of consistency run through my work.  I use inanimate objects to symbolize feelings, thoughts and idea.  I painstakingly try to reproduce, not only what I see, but what I feel.  Yet my work is not about objects-rather it is about the human experience. 

The title of the painting is revealed on one of the books, which also divulges the artist's name and the date of completion.  There are many hidden messages revealed in the book titles, if only one takes the time to truly look.  The small china urn represents the beauty and the finer things in life.  The dried rose symbolizes something fragile, delicate, easily crumbled, crushed and broken, cut off from its source of life.  The Queen of Diamonds is a personal symbol of the artist. 


Please Note:
The pieces of this puzzle correspond with the books on the front of the image. 
The word Trompe l`oeil is written correctly on the front and is shown in reverse when looking at the back of the puzzle. 
JNG is showing the puzzle template as if the image has been removed to showcase the whimsy pieces, not as if you're looking at the puzzle back. 

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