Woven Legends

Enjoy the new series of  puzzles featuring beautiful Native American rugs, blankets and sculpture.  The rug designs are exquisite, the puzzle pieces quite unique. These puzzles are so special you will want to frame. 


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For centuries, Native Americans have skillfully crafted rugs and blankets with stunning, intricate designs. The designs and patterns of the inspired textiles have been inspirational for generations. Traditional weavings portray the stories, beliefs, lifestyles, and influences of a rapidly changing world. Since the late nineteenth century, Native American rugs have found their way into Western world’s consciousness. Traditionally, Native Americans produced blankets for practical lifestyle purposes. Today, these beautiful, one-of-a-kind pieces adorn homes all over the world.

Traditional blankets were simple in design featuring banded stripe-patterns. The main colors of early blankets were typically grey, brown, tan, white or black, which was due to the natural color of the Churro sheep whose wool was used for production. Red was a favored color, but it was difficult to obtain red vegetable dyes in the Southwest. Still, the pieces crafted wrought colorful, vivid patterns. The weavings pay homage to Native American artisans based in tribal tradition each with a sacred design that has been passed down from generation to the next preserving cultural history. In the puzzle templates, various plant puzzle pieces are scattered throughout representing vegetal dyes used in the weavings.

My husband’s mother, Sue, grew up on a cattle and sheep ranch in Southwestern Colorado. Her parents traveled to trading posts on the nearby reservations as a matter of survival of a household. They traded agricultural goods for blankets out of necessity. The tradition of that yearly task stayed close to Sue’s heart her entire life. She came to inherit rugs and blankets from her parents, which she passed on to her children. With great love, admiration, and respect for the people and the skill that throughout her life, she continued to collect and commission beautiful rugs and blankets to adorn her home and those of her friends and family. With the surrounding splendor of these weavings, her home always felt simply comfortable wrapped in the magnificence of these pieces. The ambience gently coaxed you to sit and relax, grabbing the nearest rug or blanket you could find and marveling at its weave and impressive warmth. You felt her love of friends, fellowship, and companionship through these blankets and rugs.        Joy/Owner of JNG Puzzles

Today, JNG Puzzles celebrates these tribal artifacts in a new light. We honor the spirit, wisdom, and craftsmanship of these Native American weavers by paying tribute and expressing our creativity through unique puzzle designs that also tell a story of the weavings. These rugs are multi-dimensional and have traveled many dimensions. We are hoping to share a new story with you.