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Artist: Emily Oradei
Dimensions: 10 x21.5
# of Pieces:  355 

Psst....Psst....hey, down here, on the right. Yep, that's me, Finley, posing with my best bud James T. Rex III. "The Third" - fancy, right? I just call him J.T. Anyway, the real reason I am introducing myself is that I wanted to share with you a little bit about my friend.  He's one of those guys that people can get all "judge-y" about before they get to know him. He's kind of got one of those tough exteriors.  I'm sure you have already noticed that J.T. is kind of the limelight of this portrait.  That's not because he's a bully or thinks he's better than me. He doesn't think he is bigger than me nor threatens to eat me, like you may be thinking.  Nope, it's really just because he's a bit of a ham.

When Emily (our creator) asked us to post for this portrait, J.T.'s enthusiasm, well, let's just say, was a bit over the top.  He drove me crazy with his preparations asking which was his more photogenic side - should he let out a toothy grin or go with a more serious, stoic look? He whitened his teeth, he filed his claws, he moisturized day and night. Between you and me, I even caught hmi trimming his nose hairs.  I don't really blame the guy. Its not every day that he gets to  show off his best side. I mean, think about it, when everyone else is out there clicking all these "stylish" selfies all day, he winds up with a bunch of armpit and chin shots.  (A selfie stick is on his birthday lists, but I'd rather get him a new ball or a bone so we can plan in the backyard.  Totally more fun than watching him turn his head this way and that, making pucker faces into his phone.)

Anyway, seeing his excitement, I told Emily that J.T. needed to be the star of the show.  I wanted this to be one of his best days ever.  So that's just what she did, and I think it turned out great.  And I guess others do too, since they picked us to be on this amazing puzzle! I mean, how cool is that?!

To best friends and toothy grins!


Finley (and J.T.)


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