About JNG Puzzles

JNG Puzzles of Durango is dedicated to the creative expressions of the heart of Durango, Colorado. The company is located at 546 E College Drive and was formed in 2016.We manufacture hand crafted high quality wooden puzzles using local artist's beautiful original artwork. Our puzzle pieces are uniquely designed to match the theme of the puzzle image. We call them "Gozintas" because our darling pieces "goes into" the pieces creating a stunning puzzle masterpiece. JNG Puzzles' mission is to create a destination that sells heart-felt product based creations to Durango's community and visitng guests that generates the spirit of the art, culture and energy which makes Durango unique. We hope every person that interacts with our product appreciates the hard work and the passion that goes into each locally made and locally packaged puzzle. Our JNG Puzzle team works so hard to share their puzzle passion with all of you puzzle lovers!

Meet the JNG Team!
We're a small business, but we feel like family

Joy Hess

Tyler Hess

Puzzle Maker Extraordinaire AKA Graphic Designer

Adjoa Hursey

Puzzle Mastermind AKA Graphic Design

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