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Puzzles have been known to lead to gatherings around a table, talking, laughing, and inside jokes.

In some extreme cases, lifelong friendships have developed that surpass time and distance.

About JNG Puzzles

JNG Puzzles of Durango manufactures high quality wooden puzzles using local artists' beautiful, original artwork, as well as our own art. The puzzle pieces are uniquely designed to match the theme of the puzzle image creating a stunning puzzle masterpiece.

Our wildly, wonderful, whimsical little company first began in Durango, Colorado when we opened in 2017. Our mission is to create a destination that sells heart-felt product based creations that generates the spirit of the art, culture and energy which makes JNG unique.

The puzzle pieces are artistically and skillfully drawn and then cut using a high end laser cutter. Puzzles may contain a small hint of that old campfire smell which is normal and will eventually go away. We kind of like it, and wish it wouldn't go away. :-) Wooden puzzles are special puzzles, please treat them gently. 

JNG offers many cool, custom-made services to our customers as well. Our custom puzzles bring your art and photography to a whole other fun, puzzle level. The JNG Puzzle Team hopes that every puzzle lover that interacts with our product appreciates the hard work and passion that goes into each Colorado made puzzle. Very cool "stuff." Thank you and enjoy!

Meet the JNG Team!
We are a small business, but a mighty team that feels like family!

Joy Hess

Creative Genius

Tyler Hess

Puzzle Maker Extraordinaire
Graphic Designer

Adjoa Hursey

Puzzle Mastermind
Graphic Designer

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